Applying to 1st - 6th Grade

To apply to Pinecrest’s kindergarten class, parents/guardians must do the following:

  • Tour the school and meet with the Admissions Associate
  • Submit an online application and fee
  • Ask their child’s current preschool teacher or director to complete a recommendation form
  • Request their child’s school registrar to release all school records to Pinecrest
  • Submit any relevant outside testing (if applicable)
  • Bring their child for a visit
Step by Step Process

  • Parents/guardians tour the school at an open house or arrange a personal tour/meeting with the Admissions Associate.
  • Parents/guardians fill out the online application and submit a non-refundable, non-transferable application fee.
  • Parents/guardians give the child’s current teacher or school director a recommendation to complete (this is the form for rising Grades 1-2 and this is the form for rising Grades 3-6). The completed form should be mailed or emailed from the teacher/director to the Admissions Associate.
  • Parents/guardians must request that their child’s current school release student records to Pinecrest School. This form is provided by Pinecrest, and should be completed by the parents/guardians and then submitted to their child’s current school. Student records should be mailed directly back to Pinecrest by the school registrar completing the form.
  • While Pinecrest School does not require any formal testing to gain admission, we encourage parents/guardians to share with us results of any relevant testing their child may have undergone, so that we may better understand their child’s educational and/or social and emotional needs.
  • Once the admissions associate has received the complete online application form, the application fee, recommendation form, school records and any relevant outside testing, the parents/guardians will be contacted to schedule a visit.
    • When school is in session, the child will spend a day (9 a.m.-3 p.m.) in their current grade equivalent class at Pinecrest. Parents/guardians are invited to walk their child to class prior to dropping them off for their visit.
    • When school is not in session, such as during the summer, the child will spend some time with the Head of School or a classroom teacher and/or do a visit in a Pinecrest Pavilion camp class.
Grade 1-6 Admissions Decisions

Parents/guardians will receive notification via email from the admissions team indicating the school's admission decision. Acceptance emails will include the link to the online registration contract, which must be accompanied by a non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee. To secure the child's place in the class, Pinecrest School will need to receive the online registration contract and fee, the first tuition installment and (if applicable) the one-time new family enrollment fee within one month from the date on the acceptance email. The first tuition installment and the one-time new family enrollment fee should be paid by check (payable to Pinecrest School).

Grade 1-6 admission decisions are based on:

  • prospective student visit and/or informal assessment
  • teacher recommendation form
  • academic record
  • demonstrated talent, interest, and experience in activities that enhance the class and school community
  • school readiness, behavioral maturity, and motivation
  • interest of the family in participating in the school community
  • parent/guardian meeting(s) and interactions