What People Are Saying About Pinecrest School

"Pinecrest School is incredibly dedicated to individual student needs. The teachers work hard to keep the environment fun, yet challenging, and I appreciate that they hold our children to a higher standard. I have watched my son time and time again ‘rise to the occasion,’ and I am so proud of all that he has accomplished." –Current Parent

"We never did this [speaking of a science experiment] at my old school. At my old school, we just sat at our desks. It was boring." –Current Student

"'[Lotus!]' Twenty-four five- and six-year olds immediately sit taller, cross-legged, on the floor of [Pinecrest School’s] kindergarten class. Backs go straight; muffled sounds quiet; their hands go to their bellies. They are practicing mindfulness, a mental calming technique that is finding its way into classrooms across the nation and at Pinecrest." –Northern Virginia Magazine, The Kids’ Issue: Innovative Teaching, March 2015

"I am grateful for the wonderful foundation my daughter got at Pinecrest – both socially and academically. Pinecrest was just what she needed, when she needed it." –Former Parent

"I knew from the first day that Pinecrest couldn't have been a better fit for my son and we are blessed to have the opportunity to send him. It's so exciting to watch him learn and he is so excited about school. Thank you for the phenomenal communication, the updates and being so on top of things. We are happy to be part of the Pinecrest community!!" –Current Parent

"Usually kids dread going to school, but you are excited to go to Pinecrest because there are just so many activities there that you’re constantly on the edge of your seat." –Class of 2015 Graduate

"The environment is a nurturing, fun place to learn and explore, where children are encouraged to challenge themselves academically, to lead, to support, and even at such young ages to be contributing members of their community. Our oldest son was very active in Pinecrest’s K-Kids service organization (part of Kiwanis International), and our younger son is following in his footsteps." –Current Parent

"Pinecrest is the only school I know that really makes you feel like a part of a community. Not to mention the only one that makes learning an adventure." –Class of 2016 Graduate

"The confidence the children displayed and their ability to re-think and re-design is a testament to the Pinecrest education." –Current Camp Teacher

"The teachers are not only adept at gently pushing each child to their full academic potential but they are very nurturing and concerned about each child's emotional development. The Pinecrest community focuses on the whole child, and each child gets the attention they need." –Former Parent

"When I was in a bigger community at my public school, I didn’t know a lot of people, and I was much more shy, but at Pinecrest I am not as shy because when you are in a small community, almost everyone is your friend." ––Class of 2016 Graduate

"I like Pinecrest because the teachers make learning fun and they do a lot of interactive lessons. Instead of just learning, you connect and understand, not just remember." –Class of 2014 Graduate

"Pinecrest has been a lifesaver for my son. I did not realize how miserable he was at his other school until he came here and I saw how happy he could be. Pinecrest gave me back my happy, confident, motivated child!" –Former Parent and Current Teacher

"Pinecrest was an environment that I feel greatly shaped me for the better as a child so I want to create that environment for today's kids." –Pinecrest School Class of 2013 Graduate & Current Camp Assistant