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Behavior Accountability Plan

Pinecrest School’s Accountability Plan includes student behavior at school and at any related school functions including, but not limited to field trips, bus rides, and after-care.

Pinecrest School believes that students must learn to conduct their lives in an ethical manner that contributes to their personal growth and allows those that they encounter to learn from their example. Students are expected to treat classmates, faculty, staff, parents, and visitors with respect and courtesy.

The goals of Pinecrest School’s Accountability Plan are to:

   encourage a child’s feelings of self-worth and self-esteem

   guide a child toward self-discipline and self control

   teach a child to relate appropriately toward others

   help a child to grow toward emotional maturity

   help a child grow in moral development

   help a child understand the value and importance of his/her role in a community

   enable a child to begin forming a sense of personal values and positive morals

Each child can expect a safe learning environment at Pinecrest School. Behaviors that can threaten this environment include such things as:

  inappropriate use of supplies, materials, and equipment

  use of inappropriate language

  loss of self control and/or lack of self-regulation


  physical harm or aggression towards another individual (including, but not limited to hitting, kicking, biting, and scratching)

  non-observance of school/classroom understandings and expectations

  verbal aggression



  tampering with or stealing school or others’ property

Should a child exhibit any of these behaviors or struggle in meeting these expectations, it is the classroom teacher’s responsibility, in conjunction with the head of school, to implement the following consequences when appropriate:

  remove the child from the learning environment

  arrange for the child to visit the head of school’s office

  document inappropriate behavior

  contact the parents

  hold a teacher/parent conference

  conference with head of school

  set up a system of intervention and/or action plan to discourage repeat offenses

  loss of classroom or school-wide privileges

  suspend the child

Serious offenses will accelerate the level of consequence as determined by the head of school.

In all grades and classes, as appropriate, quality time is given to discussing behavioral expectations and to stressing the importance in a school community of cooperating in a mannerly fashion. Value is placed on developing effective work habits and affirming self-knowledge about how one learns, perspective about what one learns and empathy as one learns. Teachers strive to be firm, fair, and consistent as they guide students toward self-regulation. Students are expected to act responsibly, respectfully, resourcefully, and with restraint.

Accountability at all grade levels means offering positive reinforcement to motivate appropriate behavior. Offenses of any kind are serious detractors that will not be tolerated.

It is understood that student actions and general deportment both on and off campus reflect directly on the school. Those who disregard the behavioral expectations outlined here will experience increasingly serious responses as previously described. The school reserves the right to dismiss any student whose progress or conduct is unsatisfactory or detrimental. Should parents/guardians wish to appeal a school response, they may do so through the head of school’s office.


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